Soy protein may help lower levels

Share on PinterestCertain proteins in soybeans may have cholesterol-lowering effects. Luke Ninno/Getty Images Researchers studied soybeans to determine why they have the ability to lower cholesterol. The scientists studied different levels of two soy proteins: glycinin and beta-conglycinin. They noted that compared to glycinin, soybeans with elevated levels of beta-conglycinin were better able to regulate … Read more

How do you get rid of love handles? 6 tips for women

While the term “love handles” implies affection, there isn’t a woman on earth—at least not one I’ve ever met—who loves her love handles. Also known as “muffin top” (because instead of being flush with the waist of the pants, they hang over them like a muffin top), love handles are very common in women – … Read more

New study finds the best brain exercises for memory

Research has shown that exercise can have a positive impact on your memory and brain health. A new study linked vigorous exercise to improved memory, planning and organization. Data suggests that just 10 minutes a day can have a big impact. Experts have known about the physical benefits of exercise for years, but research is … Read more

The one salty snack no one over 40 should eat because it’s so bad for your metabolism

Weight loss can always be a tricky process, but it can become especially difficult as you get older and your metabolism slows down. While you might get away with eating lots of highly processed snacks and not gaining a pound when you were younger, that’s unfortunately usually not the case for the rest of your … Read more

Padma Lakshmi shares recipe for high protein chickpea spinach salad for weight loss

Our food options become very limited as we chase fitness goals. No matter how strong the cravings, we have to give up butter chicken, cheesy burgers, and other high-calorie foods. One should consistently eat healthy and choose more nutritious food options such as leafy greens and whole grains to get closer to the goal. Healthy … Read more

Janitor rubs penis in water bottles, spreads STD: TX lawsuit

A janitor is being charged after Texas authorities said he was caught rubbing his penis in water bottles, spreading an STD. Jonathan Chng via Unsplash A janitor accused of spreading a sexually transmitted disease by rubbing his penis into water bottles at a Texas workplace is now facing charges, records show. The lawsuit was filed … Read more

Surgery for weight loss extends lives, study finds

CNN — Weight loss surgery reduces the risk of premature death, especially from obesity-related conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, according to a new 40-year study of nearly 22,000 people undergoing bariatric surgery in Utah. Compared to people of a similar weight, people who underwent one of the four types of weight-loss surgery … Read more