H. Fishlove

This manufacturer of novelties and gags was founded in 1914 by a Ukranian immigrant named Chiam Fishelov. After 1924 the company was guided by his son, Irving Fishelov, when Chiam died. Early in the company’s history the name was changed to Fishlove so it would be easier for people to understand and remember. The company became famous for their numerous gag boxes, giant sunglasses, nudie glasses, fake vomit (Whoops!), Yakity Yak the chattering teeth, and the magnetic Scotties – Tricky Dogs.

After Irving passed away, in 1968, the company was led by his son, Howard Fishlove. In 1985, Howard sold the business to Fun, Inc. – a manufacturer of children’s magic sets located in Chicago, Illinois. They retained some of the original gags and novelties and still sell them today.


4 thoughts on “H. Fishlove

  1. Jo Hanson says:

    I have an original Musical John Transistor Radio from 1967 and it still plays . Is there a market for it ?

    • Hi Jo,
      There isn’t a big market for it. You could probably get about $15 for it on eBay if it is in good condition and you have the box. They sold thousands of them and people tended to keep them because they were fun.

  2. Robert Gillich says:

    I have a pair of yakity-yak teeth from 1949 in its original box. Both the box and the teeth, along with the wind up key, are in excellent condition. Can you tell me if there is a market for this? Thank you Bob Gillich

    • Hi Bob,
      What a nice item you have there. It is rare to have the key and the box in good condition. These items come up on eBay every so often. There are collectors out there. I have no idea what they would sell for or if there is a current market. It all depends on who wants it at the time. Try selling it on eBay and see what happens. Good luck with it.

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