DeMeco Ryans is interested in becoming Texan’s head coach despite previous lawsuit against the former team

Due to NFL rules, the Houston Texans must wait until after Sunday’s NFC Championship Game to interview DeMeco Ryans a second time for their vacant head coaching position. Meanwhile, the Texans had to figure out if Ryans really wanted the job. According to a league source, Houston and team owner Cal McNair were unsure if … Read more

Most criminal cryptocurrency is run through only 5 exchanges

Eugene Mymrin/Getty Images For years, the cryptocurrency economy has been plagued by black market sales, theft, ransomware, and money laundering, despite the strange fact that virtually every transaction in that economy is written to a blockchain’s permanent, immutable ledger. But new evidence suggests that years of progress in blockchain tracing and a crackdown on that … Read more

Soy protein may help lower levels

Share on PinterestCertain proteins in soybeans may have cholesterol-lowering effects. Luke Ninno/Getty Images Researchers studied soybeans to determine why they have the ability to lower cholesterol. The scientists studied different levels of two soy proteins: glycinin and beta-conglycinin. They noted that compared to glycinin, soybeans with elevated levels of beta-conglycinin were better able to regulate … Read more

US government debt interest of $1.5 trillion will equal 3x Bitcoin’s market cap by 2023

Commentators believe Bitcoin (BTC) bulls won’t have long to wait for the United States to start printing money again. The latest analysis of US macroeconomic data has led a market strategist to predict that quantitative tightening (QT) will end to avoid a “catastrophic debt crisis”. Analyst: Fed will have “no choice” with rate cuts The … Read more