Spring Breakers bring chaos to the beach

When college students head to sun-soaked locations to party during spring break, a bit of chaos is to be expected. But some of this year’s spring breakers have partied a little too hard, turning the fun in the sun into absolute chaos.

From Miami to Cabo San Lucas, the week-long festivities were marred by fight clubs, shootings, a celebrity attack, and even the tragic deaths of a few revelers.

The most famous victim of this year’s spring break pandemonium was Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen, who was allegedly assaulted by 19-year-old Max Hartley at the Four Seasons Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, according to The Miami Herald.

Hartley, who was “very drunk” according to a 911 caller, reportedly rushed Allen at full speed while the musician smoked a cigarette, knocking the 59-year-old over and causing him to hit his head. When a woman approached to help Allen, Hartley also reportedly knocked her over and then dragged her to the back of the hotel to prevent her escape.

Hartley’s lawyer, Sam Halpern, has refuted these allegations, calling his client “an extremely sweet young man” who has “never run afoul of the law before.”

Meanwhile, a violent incident on Friday night in Miami’s South Beach turned deadly when a shooting tragically interrupted St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Miami Beach police have arrested a man after an outbreak of violence at a busy intersection bordering Miami’s palm-fringed beach left one man dead and another seriously injured.

Police have not identified the victims, but they have one suspect in custody who police say is “fully cooperating with the investigation”.

Even police officers haven’t been safe from the spate of violence over spring break, which authorities say saw an officer assaulted by a college basketball player at Fort Lauderdale’s popular Rock Bar on Wednesday.

De’Sean Allen-Eikens, a 22-year-old student at California State University, Northridge, allegedly got into a fight with a bouncer at the busy bar, which ended with the six-foot-tall assailant falling to the floor.

When police were called, a Fort Lauderdale officer tried to calm Allen-Eikens down, but a fist was thrown at his face for his trouble instead, according to police camera footage.

Allen-Eikens, who was seen in handcuffs with a bloody nose after the encounter, now faces charges including battery on a law enforcement officer.

In between these flare-ups, revelers claim to have witnessed makeshift fight clubs erupt across South Florida’s crowded beaches, according to NewsNation. One featured women and fratbros feuding in the sands of Fort Lauderdale, much to the excitement of cheering crowds, the agency reported. Daily mail.

Still, some of the season’s most tragic events weren’t caused by violence, but by terrifying accidents.

Liza Burke, a senior at the University of Georgia from North Carolina, was having breakfast in the Mexican beach town of Cabo San Lucas when she complained of a headache and eventually became unresponsive.

Burke was eventually hospitalized with a cerebral hemorrhage and flown to a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, where she underwent surgery.

Though Burke has been reunited with her family after her harrowing medical ordeal, a New Jersey college girl wasn’t so lucky.

Henry Meacock, who studies finance at Ohio State University, was confirmed dead by his sister while on spring break in a heartbreaking Instagram post. The cause of his sudden death remains unclear.

“You are an extremely special soul who will live on forever. The most beautiful boy inside and out. No one will ever smile like yours,” wrote Ellie Meacock.

Given the potential risks, experts and health officials are urging caution during the spring break festivities.

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