UN food chief: Billions needed to prevent unrest and famine

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Without additional billions of dollars to feed millions of hungry people, the world will see mass migration, destabilized countries and starving children and adults over the next 12 to 18 months, the head of the Nobel Prize-winning UN World Food Program warned Friday. David Beasley praised the increased funding from the … Read more

EPA approves California rules phasing out diesel trucks

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The Biden administration on Friday paved the way for California’s plan to phase out a wide variety of diesel trucks, part of the state’s effort to dramatically cut the planet’s warming emissions. reduce and improve air quality in high traffic areas such as ports along the coast. The U.S. Environmental Protection … Read more

Purdue’s Zach Edey named AP Men’s Player of the Year

Zach Edey spent the days following Purdue’s historic NCAA tournament loss lying low, his phone switched off along with the rest of the outside world. The disappointing finish did not detract from the Boilermakers big man’s season. Edey dominated at both ends of the floor during the regular season and was a near-unanimous pick as … Read more

Investigations into mass shootings in Canada reveal many police shortcomings

TRURO, Nova Scotia (AP) — A public inquiry has found widespread shortcomings in how Canada’s federal police responded to the country’s worst mass shooting and recommends that the government reinforce the central role of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in policing to rethink the country. In a seven-part report released Thursday, the Mass Casualty Commission … Read more

In response to Indigenous, the Vatican rejects the Discovery Doctrine

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Responding to indigenous demands Thursday, the Vatican formally rejected the “doctrine of discovery,” the theories supported by 15th-century “papal bulls” that legitimized colonial-era conquest of indigenous lands and are the basis of what property law today. A Vatican statement said the 15th-century papal bulls, or decrees, “did not adequately reflect the … Read more

China threatens retaliation if Tsai and McCarthy meet

BEIJING (AP) — China has threatened “resolute countermeasures” at a scheduled meeting between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and Speaker of the U.S. House Kevin McCarthy during an upcoming visit to Los Angeles by the head of the self-governing island democracy. Diplomatic pressure on Taiwan has increased recently, with Beijing poaching Taipei’s dwindling number of diplomatic … Read more

Zelenskyy from Ukraine: Any Russian victory can be dangerous

ON A TRAIN FROM SUMY TO KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Tuesday that Russia could begin building international support for a deal that would require Ukraine to win a protracted battle in a key eastern city. unacceptable compromises. He also invited China’s leader, long associated with Russia, to visit. If Bakhmut … Read more

The military is quickly planning new ads after the arrest of Jonathan Majors

WASHINGTON (AP) — The military is working to quickly put together some new recruiting ads to air during NCAA’s Final Four basketball games this weekend after it was forced to snatch commercials featuring actor Jonathan Majors following his arrest last Saturday. Army chiefs were excited to feature Majors in the ads, as a key part … Read more

US enters into business transparency commitment with 20 countries

WASHINGTON (AP) — Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reaffirmed America’s commitment to increasing corporate transparency along with more than 20 other countries participating in this week’s Summit for Democracy. While the Biden administration is already building a new database on small business ownership, Yellen pledged on Tuesday that her department would maintain the database, known as … Read more

France sees new pension protests, police brace for violence

PARIS (AP) — Protests and strikes against unpopular pension reforms resumed across France on Tuesday, with police ramping up security amid government warnings that radical protesters planned to “destroy, injure and kill” . Concerns that violence could disrupt the demonstrations led to what Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin described as an unprecedented deployment of 13,000 officers, … Read more