Four California sea otters died from an unusual strain of a parasite that could pose a risk to humans

CNN — Four sea otters in California have died from a rare strain of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite that scientists say may pose a risk to human health. Researchers called the find a “complete surprise” because this strain of T. gondii had never been reported in any aquatic animal or off the coast of California. … Read more

The first signs of Alzheimer’s may appear in your eyes, study finds

Editor’s Note: Get inspired by a weekly roundup about living well, made simple. Sign up for CNN’s Life, But Better newsletter for information and resources designed to improve your well-being. CNN — The eyes are more than a window to the soul – they are also a reflection of one’s cognitive health. “The eye is … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow ski collision lawsuit: Man suing actress expected to take stand Friday

CNN — Gwyneth Paltrow could testify in a courtroom in Park City, Utah on Friday during an ongoing trial over a 2016 skiing accident she was involved in, but first the man suing her will have his say. The actress and businesswoman has been in court since the trial began Tuesday, when attorneys representing Paltrow … Read more

Foodborne bacteria can cause more than half a million UTIs each year in the US, research shows

CNN — Bacteria from meat could be responsible for more than half a million urinary tract infections in the United States each year, according to a new study. E. coli is an often harmless bacteria that is “part of the normal bacterial environment in the gut of humans and animals,” said Dr. Craig Comiter, a … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Trial: Day 3 Testimony Includes Neuropsychologist and Plaintiff’s Daughters

CNN — Thursday’s testimony in the trial of a 2016 skiing accident involving Gwyneth Paltrow began with testimony from a clinical neuropsychologist who treated the man suing the actress. Alina K. Fong testified via a videotaped statement about the care she provided to Terry Sanderson, 76, who accused Paltrow of crashing into him and causing … Read more

Vaccination, Paxlovid reduces risk of long Covid, studies show

CNN — People who are vaccinated or take Paxlovid during a Covid-19 infection have a lower risk of developing long-term Covid, new research shows. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines long Covid as new, recurrent, or persistent health problems more than four weeks after an initial infection. According to the CDC, 1 … Read more

Off-duty pilot on Southwest flight comes to the rescue after pilot has an in-flight medical emergency

CNN — An off-duty pilot who was a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight stepped in to assist the flight crew after one of the pilots on duty suffered a mid-flight medical emergency. The incident began not long after Flight 6013 to Columbus, Ohio, departed Las Vegas on Wednesday, Southwest Airlines said. One of the … Read more

Vulnerable Americans lingered on the question of another round of Covid-19 boosters this spring

CNN — US officials are considering whether to give people at high risk of severe Covid-19 the chance to receive another bivalent booster, according to a source familiar with the deliberations who asked not to be named because they were not authorized to share the details of ongoing discussions. While most Americans have been happy … Read more

Bacteria in recalled eye drops linked to cases of vision loss, surgical removal of eyeballs

CNN — A rare strain of bacteria found in recalled eye drops has been linked to dozens of infections, as well as cases of vision loss, surgical removal of eyeballs and one death. Global Pharma Healthcare’s Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Drops, distributed by EzriCare and Delsam Pharma, were first recalled in early February. In an … Read more

Ozempic shortage: Diabetes patients are at risk as TikTok and telehealth prescriptions drive drug demand

CNN — Telehealth and social media are playing a major role in driving demand for Ozempic, a prescription drug that treats type 2 diabetes, experts told CNN. The current drug shortage has limited access for patients with diabetes who rely on it to control their blood sugar levels. Digital health companies are making drugs like … Read more