The shocking firing of Marvel’s top VFX exec could end up in nasty legal waters

Earlier this week– in the midst of much debate commercially, but not much mumbling Elsewhere – Disney made a massive and drastic change to the leadership team of Marvel Studios: They shot Victoria Alonso, with extreme and shocking abruptness, and “for good reason.” Alonso, despite not having the frontal name recognition of her boss Kevin … Read more

Off-duty pilot on Southwest flight comes to the rescue after pilot has an in-flight medical emergency

CNN — An off-duty pilot who was a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight stepped in to assist the flight crew after one of the pilots on duty suffered a mid-flight medical emergency. The incident began not long after Flight 6013 to Columbus, Ohio, departed Las Vegas on Wednesday, Southwest Airlines said. One of the … Read more

UBS buys Credit Suisse to end the banking crisis

London CNN — Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, has agreed to buy its ailing rival Credit Suisse in an emergency bailout deal to defuse financial market panic sparked by the failure of two US banks earlier this month. “UBS today announced the acquisition of Credit Suisse,” the Swiss National Bank said in a statement. It said … Read more

Sanofi becomes the latest drugmaker to announce insulin price cuts capped at $35 for the privately insured

CNN — Sanofi is slashing the list price of Lantus, the most commonly prescribed insulin in the U.S., by 78% and setting a $35 monthly limit for those with private insurance, the company announced Thursday. The change takes effect on January 1. The move follows similar moves from Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk this month. … Read more