Elon’s plan for Twitter Blue Checks is insanely suspicious

If you got your blue Twitter verification check the old fashioned way, you know, by not paying for it– then I have bad news for you. The CEO of Tesla turned CEO of Twitter reiterated today that the old blue checkmarks on the platform will be removed from the verified hands of users on April … Read more

Flesh-eating bacteria could be coming to a city near you thanks to climate change

If you were already stressed increased air pollution And more frequent heat waveswell, you can add another worrying health impact of climate change to your list: the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio harmfulwhich thrives in warming US waters. This is according to a study published this week in Scientific Reports, researchers found That through infections bacteria Vibrio … Read more

The Rock’s Black Adam Credits could have had Shazam, not Superman

A new report claims Dwayne Johnsons Black Adam may have changed the power hierarchy in the DC Universe, as he claimed, but not in the way it was originally attended. Instead, he may have totally blown it, whether he intended to or not. The cover claims Johnson, star and producer of Black Adamprivate” vetoed a … Read more

The Man Who Saved the Game Exclusive clip

Image: Vertical Did you know pinball machine was once illegal in New York City, following a decision in the early 1940s that the machines a) looked too much like gambling and b) corrupted small children? A new movie digs in that incredible period in gaming history-specifically the tail end, circa 1976when a man started a … Read more

Revumenib pill shows promise against leukemia in early trial

In a from studying this week scientists describe a new experimental pill that patients with a difficult to treat form of leukemia. Nearly half of the patients in the phase I trial responded to the treatment, called revumenib, while about a third experienced complete remission of their cancer. However, more research will be needed to … Read more