Questlove directs live-action hybrid remake of Disney classic Aristocats

Questlove will direct Disney’s live-action/hybrid reimagining of The Aristocats. Founding member of the band The Roots – real name Ahmir Thompson – won the Academy Award for Best Documentary for Summer of Soul last year. The Aristocats will be the Grammy winner’s feature directorial debut, and he will also produce and direct the music for … Read more

I am a leading longevity scientist. This is why someone reading this right now could live to be 150

A person reading this could realistically live to be 150 thanks to leaps in technology, claimed a leading longevity expert. Dr. Steven Cohen, owner of wellness clinics in California and London, claims he’s coming tantalizingly close to using stem cell therapy that can age people. He claims the technology — which involves injecting people with … Read more

Josh Gad condemns trolls amid backlash against Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid

By Trevin Lund and Lillian Gissen and Kelsi Karruli for Dailymail.Com 19:27 18 Mar 2023, updated 19:46 18 Mar 2023 Josh Gad condemned “pathetic” trolls who hated the upcoming live-action teaser trailer for The Little Mermaid. Since Disney announced the casting of Halle Bailey in July 2019, the network has been met with fury online … Read more