Man nearly dies while gardening ‘after a World War I insect lurking in the ground got into his sore’

A man spent four months in hospital after contracting a deadly World War I fly while gardening. The 64-year-old had to have half his back muscle excised and his legs cut wide open to kill the gas gangrene-causing bacteria. Without immediate treatment, the infection is often fatal. It rapidly destroys tissue and blood cells. Horrifying … Read more

Rihanna’s Los Angeles home is overrun by police after a man arrives to propose to the singer

By Brian Gallagher for 00:07 24 Mar 2023, updated 00:47 24 Mar 2023 An unidentified man traveling from South Carolina to Los Angeles was detained by Los Angeles police on Thursday The man arrived at the 35-year-old singer’s home and told her security that he was there to propose to her. It’s not known … Read more

Man, 55, who nearly died when his heart stopped beating says there’s ‘NO light to turn to’

A 55-year-old man who has been ‘brought back from the dead’ claims there is ‘no light to turn to’. Kevin Hill’s heart suddenly stopped beating while he was being treated at Derby Royal Hospital for calciphylaxis – a rare disease in which calcium builds up in small blood vessels of the fatty and skin tissue. … Read more

Citigroup CEO declares ‘this is not a credit crisis’ after US bank failures

March 22 (Reuters) – Jane Fraser, CEO of Citigroup Inc (CN), expressed confidence in US banks on Wednesday after a series of closures upset investors and fueled turmoil in global financial markets. “The banking system is pretty healthy,” and major and regional banks are well capitalized, Fraser told the Economic Club of Washington DC on … Read more

SVB Financial Group accuses FDIC of cutting off the money

March 21 (Reuters) – SVB Financial Group (SIVB.O) said on Tuesday that the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation had taken “improper actions” to close it off from cash held at its former subsidiary Silicon Valley Bank, which has been banned by regulators seized to stop a run on the national bank. SVB Financial made the … Read more