Bitcoin Slips But Conditions For ‘Crypto To Thrive’ Remain Intact

Bitcoin Trading lower on Saturday, the world’s largest cryptocurrency remained on track for a solid month amid wavering confidence in the global banking sector. Bitcoin is down 0.8% in the last 24 hours to $27,671. It’s up nearly 20% in March and more than 66% this year. Bitcoin was on track for its best month … Read more

Bowling Green college basketball player hit in handshake line after win; Memphis player charged by campus police, school says

CNN — Bowling Green State University basketball player Elissa Brett was punched by University of Memphis player Jamirah Shutes as the two crossed the traditional post-game handshake line following Bowling Green’s 73-60 victory in the Women’s National Invitation (WNIT) postseason tournament on Thursday. Video of the incident shows the confrontation, with Shutes reaching out to … Read more

US alleges suspected Russian spy who allegedly used false identity to enter US, collecting information from US citizens

CNN — The Justice Department on Friday announced charges against a Russian who allegedly entered the United States under a false identity and gathered information from American citizens about Russia’s then-impending invasion of Ukraine. Sergey Vladimirovich Cherkasov, a 37-year-old Russian intelligence agency agent, operated for years under the alias Victor Muller Ferreira, prosecutors said. Cherkasov … Read more

Four California sea otters died from an unusual strain of a parasite that could pose a risk to humans

CNN — Four sea otters in California have died from a rare strain of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite that scientists say may pose a risk to human health. Researchers called the find a “complete surprise” because this strain of T. gondii had never been reported in any aquatic animal or off the coast of California. … Read more

US tuberculosis cases are approaching pre-pandemic levels, data from the CDC shows

CNN — Tuberculosis cases reported in the United States appear to be returning to pre-Covid-19 levels, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The incidence of tuberculosis or TB in the U.S. rose slightly last year after a substantial 20.2% drop in 2020 and a 9.8% increase in … Read more

Foodborne bacteria can cause more than half a million UTIs each year in the US, research shows

CNN — Bacteria from meat could be responsible for more than half a million urinary tract infections in the United States each year, according to a new study. E. coli is an often harmless bacteria that is “part of the normal bacterial environment in the gut of humans and animals,” said Dr. Craig Comiter, a … Read more

Vulnerable Americans lingered on the question of another round of Covid-19 boosters this spring

CNN — US officials are considering whether to give people at high risk of severe Covid-19 the chance to receive another bivalent booster, according to a source familiar with the deliberations who asked not to be named because they were not authorized to share the details of ongoing discussions. While most Americans have been happy … Read more

Tesla price cuts show there is a method to Musk’s madness

When Elon Musk first started slashing prices on Tesla vehicles, some observers took it as a sign of weakness. It was anything but. Price cuts help Tesla (ticker: TSLA) sales and increase market share in Europe and elsewhere. New data shows that the electric vehicle maker’s European sales grew faster than any other automaker in … Read more

Stocks, bonds are now moving in opposite directions. What that means for investors.

The dance between stocks and bonds is starting to shift — and it could mean investors have a way to play defense again. Stock and bond prices have been moving in tandem for some time now. When bond yields rise, their prices fall, and they have for most of the past year. Of the S&P … Read more

Candida auris, an emerging fungal threat, spreading at an alarming rate in US healthcare facilities, says CDC

CNN — Clinical cases of Candida auris, an emerging fungus considered an urgent threat, will nearly double by 2021, according to new data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There was also a threefold increase in the number of cases resistant to echinocandins, the first-line treatment for Candida auris infections. The study, … Read more