Ford’s plan for EV profitability in 2026

Ford forecast a drastic turnaround for its electric vehicle unit on Thursday, reiterating that it expects its EV business to be solidly profitable by the end of 2026. Here’s a step-by-step look at how Ford expects the Model e to achieve a positive EBIT profit margin of 8% in less than four years. Wall Street … Read more

Crypto will be ‘over’ in the US if Coinbase loses battle with SEC. This is why

Hello! Welcome back to Distributed Ledger. This is Frances Yue, crypto reporter at MarketWatch. Crypto exchange Coinbase MINT said Wednesday it received a notice from Wells from the Securities and Exchange Commission that could lead to formal charges. The SEC’s Wells notice covered an unspecified portion of the exchange’s publicly traded digital assets, the staking … Read more

Goldman’s strong balance basket is beating the market

Stocks with strong balance sheets are gaining popularity as the broader market fluctuates through the ongoing banking crisis. Goldman Sachs’ basket of 50 S&P 500 companies with strong balance sheets has outperformed its weak balance sheet basket by six percentage points since March 8, the day Silicon Valley Bank’s downward spiral began, according to a … Read more

Wall Street stocks bribe for the rise of electric vehicles

The global automotive industry is in transition as consumers increasingly eschew combustion engine vehicles for electric vehicles. It means EVs are capturing a larger share of the global car market, according to French investment bank Societe Generale, with a third of cars sold in China now being electric. The “sharp acceleration” of electric vehicle adoption … Read more