Research shows that China has spent $240 billion on bailing out Belt & Road countries

JOHANNESBURG, March 28 (Reuters) – China has spent $240 billion between 2008 and 2021 to bail out 22 developing countries, with the amount soaring in recent years as more people have struggled to repay loans spent on building of “Belt & Road” infrastructure, according to a study published Tuesday. Nearly 80% of bailout loans were … Read more

Angry youths challenge Macron and his pension law

PARIS, March 27 (Reuters) – Teenager Charles Chauliac is angry that French President Emmanuel Macron is planning to delay the retirement of hard-working people like his parents, and that he has bypassed parliament to do so. In recent weeks, the 18-year-old has taken to the streets of Paris most evenings to try and force a … Read more

Biggest strike in decades shuts down Germany

BERLIN/FRANKFURT, March 27 (Reuters) – Airports and bus and train stations across Germany shut down on Monday morning, causing disruption for millions at the start of the working week in one of the biggest strikes in decades as Europe’s largest economy teeters from inflation. The 24-hour strikes called by the Verdi trade union and the … Read more

In inflation-ravaged Germany, mass strike over wages paralyzes transport

BERLIN/FRANKFURT, March 27 (Reuters) – A mass strike in Germany was set to begin early Monday, paralyzing mass transport and airports in one of the biggest strikes in decades as Europe’s largest economy reels from rising inflation. In the hours leading up to the strike, both sides dug in their heels, with union leaders warning … Read more

Banksy’s migrant rescue vessel has been seized by the Italian Coast Guard in Lampedusa

MILAN, March 26 (Reuters) – A rescue ship funded by British street artist Banksy was seized in Lampedusa on Sunday after the Italian Coast Guard said the boat had failed to follow its instructions to sail to Sicily after carrying out a migrant rescue operation . The Coast Guard said it ordered the vessel MV … Read more

Nationwide protests in France after Macron doubles pension bill

PARIS, March 23 (Reuters) – Hundreds of thousands of people were expected to go on strike and demonstrate in France on Thursday after President Emmanuel Macron vowed to press ahead with a deeply unpopular pension reform despite escalating anger across the country. Protests against the legislation – which raises the retirement age by two years … Read more

Exclusive: EU drafts plan to allow electric cars with combustion engine

Brussels proposes an exception for electric fuel cars from 2035 Germany is still examining EU draft proposal Berlin sees the technological state as problematic Goal to make a decision by Thursday BERLIN/BRUSSELS, March 21 (Reuters) – The European Commission has drawn up a plan to allow the sale of new combustion engine cars after 2035 … Read more

China is still looking for answers a year after plane crash

BEIJING, March 20 (Reuters) – China’s aviation regulator said Monday that investigators are still investigating the cause of the crash of China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735, nearly a year after the plane crashed, killing all 132 people on board. came to life. The Boeing Co (BA.N) 737-800 crashed into a mountainous area in southern Guangxi … Read more

Protests in France resume amid anger over Macron’s retirement age reform

PARIS, March 18 (Reuters) – Refinery strikes continued in France on Saturday and more demonstrations took place across the country amid anger at the government pushing for an increase in the state pension age without a parliamentary vote. The growing unrest, coupled with rubbish piling up in the streets of Paris after garbage collectors joined … Read more