The 3 zodiac signs with raw horoscopes on January 25, 2023

This day promises to be ripe with hyper-intelligent ideas that tend to go awry as soon as they are discussed. OK, what does that actually mean? Let’s discuss this. Today we will feel smart. Smart enough to figure things out.

Smart enough to change our lives. Smart enough to know that our words match what we have in mind. Having said all that, all we need today to match our brilliant minds is something or someone receptive to us. Unfortunately, creativity needs receptivity, which is what the transit moon sextile Pluto is trying to destroy.

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Today we are looking for connection and encounter setbacks and opposition. January 25 brings Moon sextile Pluto, and this transit leads to confusion. We may not understand why this day keeps dragging us down; after all, we keep trying, right?

We keep doing the right thing, right? Well, that’s where the humble lesson comes in to tell us that just because we do well doesn’t mean we will succeed. Thanks for the ice-cold bucket of water, Moon sextile Pluto!

In terms of creativity, it’s a good day. But be prepared to work in a bubble, because this is not the day to exchange ideas. Just do your thing without seeking approval (especially since you won’t get it from anyone).

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